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Monday, July 8, 2013

My history and where I am today

I am a mother of two boys and a husband in the Coast Guard. My life is pretty busy to say the least. Its hard for me most days to find the time I need to do anything for myself. This journey has been about me. I want to be healthy and set a great examples for my kids.

I am almost done with my second 90 Day Challenge. I know my results for some of you are ok but nothing spectacular but let me give you some background on me. First of all when I hit puberty I gained a ton of weight. I went from the 120's to 160's in a few months. I exercised a lot and got back to the 130's. Could not get lower. Than went to college. Weight kept creeping up until I was in the 150's. I took pills, I exercised sometimes got to the 140's but did not stay. Got married to a guy in the Coast Guard ended up moving to Virginia where I got a job working 60 plus hours a week than BAM I was in the 170's. Nothing was working.

In January 2012 I was 178 pounds and found out I was pregnant. Oh and than I was told I have PCOS by a nurse who told me I was obese. Did not tell me what it was and I was pissy she said I was obese. I didn't think I was obese. I only gained 35 pounds while I was pregnant but after the baby could not seem to get back below 200 pounds. Found out that I also had an under active thyroid. Looked up PCOS and both symptoms weight gain. Lucky me right?

I hired a trainer ended up on a insane diet and got to the 180's. Weight kept creeping up. in 2012 I was 213 pounds and pregnant again. By the time I gave birth I was in the 270's (mostly water weight) and after he was born and I peed out all the water i was 198. Weight kept bouncing until I was 230.

I started losing weight and I kept getting stuck. Would get to the low 180's than bounce back up to 199. I do this constantly. Now I am on the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. I am almost done with my second challenge and I am currently where my body always gets stuck. So I am sharing my journey with you guys and hoping to get past it.

I did my measurements and weight at the beginning of the year and my picture. Let me share you with where I am now
My weight 182.8 (-15.4)
Chest 35 inches (-2.75)
Waist 36.5 inches (-3)
Hips 42.5 inches (-3.25)
Thigh  25 inches (-1.5)
Arm 14.5 inches (-1)

And my before and current picture (Since I am not done yet)
Its hard to put that picture up but it is good motivation to keep on going. If you would to learn more about this 90 Day Challenge watch this video than message me with any questions http://shakeitoffwithlani.myvi.net/thankyou.html

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